Good Night and God Bless


An invaluable guide for travellers who want to stray off the well-trodden tourist path.

Trish Clark is 21. And she has just entered a convent. But not by choice!

It’s the 1970s, and Trish is backpacking on a budget. She’s arrived late in Rome, the youth hostel is full, and she desperately needs a cheap, clean and safe bed for the night. She finds one in a guesthouse run by nuns.

Fast forward to the 21st century. Trish leaves her successful career in the travel industry and embarks on writing Good Night and God Bless: A Guide to Convent and Monastery Accommodation in Europe, which provides details of rooms and facilities for tourists and pilgrims alike in religious hotels and guesthouses.

Many ‘holy sleeps’ later, Good Night and God Bless: FRANCE, the first book in Trish’s revamped and updated series, is now available.

And soon to be released is her up-to-the-minute guide to religious accommodations in ITALY.

The Good Night and God Bless series will appeal to modern-day pilgrims as well as budget travellers of all faiths and none who seek a unique experience in the convents and monasteries of Europe.

For an Australian experience see Australian Retreats.


FRANCE-cover-400Good Night and God Bless France is now available in PDF format and can be downloaded to your device.
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Monastery Accommodation for Tourists & Pilgrims


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