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St.-Peters-AbbeySt. Peter’s Abbey was founded in 1903 and is the oldest Benedictine monastery in Canada. The abbey is located in a beautiful part of the Canadian prairies and is run by Oblate monks of the Order of St Benedict. Attached to the abbey, the St. Peter’s Guest House consists of 35 single and twin rooms and an open area dormitory can also accommodate 100 guests. The monks invite people to spend time in the guesthouse to be renewed spiritually and physically and to join the monks in their daily prayer services. Home cooked meals are a feature of any stay with at St Peters and much of the produce used is grown organically, on site. A recent visitor to St Peters wrote that the abbey is ‘a beautiful place of the spirit’.

St Peters is located 120 kms east of Saskatoon. Group bookings are welcome.

Muenster (nr Humboldt)
St. Peter’s Abbey
Muenster, SK
10 km east of Humboldt on Hwy #5
Tel: (306) 682 1775

Photo: © St Peter’s Abbey