Destinations of: Germany


Often linked to beer halls, Disney-style castles and ‘Mad‘ King Ludwig, Bavaria’s medieval towns, Romantic Road, traditional festivals, hearty cuisine and alpine vistas ensure visitors soak up the essence of Germany. And don’t forget the lederhosen!!
Hike in the Ahr Valley or in the rolling hills of the Westerwald or catch a wine festival in the Moselle. The province is noted for Imposing riverside castles and majestic scenery. And if its December a colorful Christmas market won’t be too far away.
Once home to Martin Luther, tiny Thuringia is a popular winter sports region. The province is known as Germany’s ‘green heart’ for its gardens, parks and summer outdoor activities. Music festivals and a Thruingian Oktoberfest are highlights. Erfurt and Weimar are ‘must sees’.
The state is replete with romantic castles, cobblestoned towns, hot springs, floating opera theatres, and towering Gothic cathedrals. A rolling Black Forest ensures Spätzle and epic portions of Black Forest Cake will be truly authentic. Marine activities on Lake Constance.


A lively metropolis, Berlin’s past is displayed in its museums and emotive monuments. Other museums are devoted to art and science. Opera companies, theatres and orchestras thrive. Walk the green and leafy Tiergarten, take a river cruise, sample curry-wurst.


A unique landscape has led to a World Heritage listing. Similarly listed is Lorsch Abbey, founded by Emperor Charlemagne. Castles, museums, medieval towns and a vibrant theatre scene are all here. A Fairytale route brings to life the tales of the Brothers Grimm.
With a laid-back vibe, holiday makers flock to the beaches and boutique hotels along the coastline. Inland, vast national parks, wetlands and lakes invite exploration. Kiel, Flensburg and Lübeck have graced many a magazine cover. Try Friesan lamb and berry pudding.


Replete with ancient monasteries, gracious cities, cathedrals and castles, all on the route of the Romantic Road, Saxony’s cultural scene is one of of operettas, recitals, theatre, modern and classical music, galleries and art shows. Bubbly Rotkäppchen is the local tipple.

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