Destinations of: Ireland


A lively, cultured capital renowned for the literary and theatrical arts, Dublin’s medieval landmarks are easily explored on foot. Explore the pubs, music, literature and art and enjoy the ‘craic’.Then there is Irish dance and folk music and the intricacies of Gaelic football.
The county has an outdoorsy ambience and is home to the Irish National Stud, the Curragh Racecourse, the heritage Castletown House and the famous Hanged Man Pub. Visit St Brigid’s Well for an insight into Irish Christianity. Shop for silverware at Newbridge.
A tiny county with stunning landscapes featured in the poetry of W.B. Yeats. Ancient sites include megalithic tombs and cemeteries, cairns and monuments. Also known as ‘Music City’ Sligo is home to some of the world’s best fiddle players.

Monastery accommodation for pilgrims and tourists. An invaluable online guide for travelers who want to stray off the well-trodden tourist path.
An online destination for modern-day pilgrims and budget travelers of those who seek unique experiences in the convents and monasteries around the world.

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