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Troina is a municipality in the province of Enna, betwween the seaside town of Cefalù and the ancient port of Catania in Sicily. Troina lies in the Sicilian hills surrounded by forest and farmland, orchards and olive groves. The town dates back to the Byzantine era, but in 878 was conquered by the Arabs, who, because of its strategic location between eastern and western Sicily, established an enormous fortress, known today as La Cittadella.
Location: 94018 Troina (Enna)
This lovely property is located a the former known as the Monastery of San Gaetano. Now a popular guesthouse/hotel the impressive building has recently been renovated to a high standard. The house of hospitality welcomes individuals, families, couples and groups for rest and relaxation. Tourists exploring the sights of the Palermo region are also very welcome.
Location: 90046 Monreale PA
The picturesque resort town of Taormina is sprawled precariously over the rugged slopes of Monte Tauro, close to the Mount Etna National Park and the famous volcano and a cable car ride from the heavenly beaches of the Mediterranean. Rich in natural resources, history and culture Taormina has been ruled by Greeks and Romans, Arabs and Normans all of whom have left their mark on the town’s culture.
Location: 98039 Taormina ME
Location: 96100 Syracuse
Location: 90015 Cefalù (palermo)
Location: 90015 Cefalù (Palermo)

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