Destinations of: Spain

So much to see! Romanesque art, centuries old buildings, gorgeous medieval villages, castles, monasteries and a welcoming people to boot. Eat tapas, sample some octopus, drink Tempranillo. The region is well worth visiting even if you’re not a pilgrim on the Camino.
A soaring cathedral, wondrous art, splendid beaches and an eclectic nightlife, the dynamic city of Barcelona is a must visit. However, 45 km west lie the rocky Montserrat Mountains and an exquisite Benedictine monastery, home of the ‘Black Virgin’, one of Spain’s most revered icons.
Santiago de Compostela, one of the world’s most visited pilgrimage sites is Galicia’s capital, and a cultural melting pot. Fantastic beaches and heritage listed cities are big attractions. Seafood is what Galicia does best. The bagpipe (gaita) is the traditional musical instrument of Northern Spain.
Moorish castles and monuments, palaces, Roman roads and aqueducts are waiting to be discovered. The Romans, the Moors and the Christians were all here. Enjoy Merida’s Classical Theatre Festival, visit Trujillo and its lovely town square. Eat Jamón.
With over 500 wineries its no wonder La Rioja is famous for red wine. The Way of St James passes through here. Nature reserves, Mediterranean forests, mountains, World Heritage monasteries and historic towns can be found in this tiny region. Try a glass of Tempranillo.


The capital of Spain, Madrid offers plenty of cultural attractions including a royal palace and the Del Prado, Thyssen and Reina Sofia museums of art. International concerts, festivals and parades are commonplace. Shop in Puerta del Sol and try some tapas hopping.
A land of striking natural beauty Navarra is the gateway to France. Festivals such as the running of the bulls have taken place for centuries. Hemingway loved Pamplona. Estella was the seat of kings and extraordinary monuments and walled towns are commonplace.
A sunny region of mountains and beaches, and the birthplace of paella, Valencia’s medieval castles rub shoulders with modern, art-deco architecture. Art and science museums are housed in futuristic buildings.The said Holy Grail is kept in Valencia’s cathedral.


Escape the crowds in Aragon, once a centre of Spanish culture. Situated in north eastern Spain the landscape is dotted with medieval villages. Nature reserves and snow capped alpine slopes contrast with moorish architecture. Hikers and culture buffs will feel at home.

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