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Map of Abbey of Tre Fontane
Abbey Of Tre Fontane
00142 - Rome RM

A serene, 12th century abbey where Trappist monks offer hospitality to pilgrims (no tourists). And the monks make delicious chocolates for the abbey gift shop which is open to day visitors.

The main building of the abbey is centred around the cloister.

The Abbey offers hospitality to pilgrims to join for prayers and holy mass and for a spiritual retreat.

The Abbey of Tre Fontane takes its name from the legend of Saint Paul. Saint Paul was put in prison and beheaded, an order of emperor Nero. According the legend the head of the saint, after the beheading, touched the ground three times, generating three springs on each spot.

And Tre Fontane means: three springs.

The site was considered a holy place since the very beginning of the Christian era and around the 6th century the first monastery was constructed, next to the church of Saint Paul.

During the 7th and the 8th centuries new buildings were added, like the church dedicated to the Virgin Mary. In the end of 16th century the two churches were restored.

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