Destinations of: Pembrokeshire, Wales

Map of Caldey Abbey
Caldey Abbey
Caldey Island, off Tenby SA70 7UJ

The Benedictine monks of Caldey Abbey welcome visitors to their historic island home. A monastery has been located here for more than 1000 years. Day-trippers to Caldey can take a guided tour of the island, picnic on a sandy beach or explore the island on the various walking tracks. The island is open from Easter to the end of October, weather permitting. Closed on Sundays. Limited sailings during April and October.

Caldey Island lies cradled in the magnificent South Pembrokeshire coastline on the western fringes of Wales. It is one of Britain's holy islands. Highlights include medieval churches, a lighthouse, a tiny village with a café, a Post Office/museum and a gift shop selling perfumes, soaps, biscuits and chocolates made by the monks.

Overnight guests who wish to spend some quiet time, or make a private retreat are provided with accommodation and all meals in the monastery guest quarters. Visitors are welcome to join the monks in services at the abbey church.

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