Destinations of: Rome, Italy

Map of Casa Paolo Sesto
Casa Paolo Sesto
00165 - Rome RM

The Little Sisters of the Sacred Family provide a warm and friendly environment for tourists, families, pilgrims and business travellers.

You can feel the strong presence of the Chatolic Church.

The friendly environment is warm and welcoming. It is particulary adapted for family and those who are celebrating their anniversary or important moment in their lives, be it for touristic or religious purposes.

The religious community wit the lay helpers are inspired by the “Incarnation Mystery”, the basic rule of the Little Sisters of the Sacred Family, applied by the original founders the blessed Giuseppe Nascimbeni and Maria Domenica Mantovani.

Centrally located it gives the possibility to live in the eternal city with its fountains, monuments and its ancient history.

In the structure there are internal rules.  

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