Destinations of: Chevetogne, Belgium

Map of Monastère de l’Exaltation de la Sainte Croix (Monastère Chevetogne)
Monastère de l’Exaltation de la Sainte Croix (Monastère Chevetogne)
B – 5590 Chevetogne

The Monastery of Chevetogne is situated in a tiny Belgian village of the same name, between Brussels and Luxembourg. Chevetogne is an international Benedictine monastery, devoted to the unity of Christians.

 The monastery is primarily a centre of prayer, and is occupied by male religious of the Byzantine-slav community as well as monks of a Latin Benedictine community, sharing in each others liturgies with both communities under the same abbot.

The community is ‘bi-ritual’, in that two distinct groups of monks celebrate the monastic office respectively in the Roman and Byzantine-Slavic traditions. Men only can stay within the monastery itself and women and mixed groups have a choice of accommodation in two separate guesthouses situated on the property.


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