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In e-book format, this guide to religious accommodation in Germany lists 100 convents, monasteries, religious guesthouses and hotels. They are open to men and women of all faiths, general travelers, couples, families, pilgrims, cyclists, hikers (unless noted). School, conference and study tour groups will find unique accommodation here and members of religious orders are always welcome.
A country of lavish natural beauty, Austria must truly be one of God’s special places. Indeed, many of Austria’s ancient monasteries and abbeys are set against such stunning backdrops that it is difficult to deny a ‘divine touch’. More than a place to sleep, Austria’s monasteries are unique retreats, once isolated from the outside world and now openly shared with visitors.
Now available as an e-book this updated guide lists accommodation in convents, monasteries, religious guesthouses and hotels from Paris to Provence and in plenty of towns and villages in between. With numerous listings, finding and booking these unique accommodations has never been easier.
Each year some tens of thousands people from all over the world pull on their walking boots and head out on the St James pilgrimage trail. Now available as an e-book (perfect for the pack-weight conscious pilgrim) this step by step, day to day guide introduces the unique culture, history, architecture, countryside, gastronomy and way of life of an area which for the most part is off the tourist map.


Monastery accommodation for pilgrims and tourists. An invaluable online guide for travelers who want to stray off the well-trodden tourist path.
An online destination for modern-day pilgrims and budget travelers of those who seek unique experiences in the convents and monasteries around the world.

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