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One of the world’s greatest cities where impressive monuments, museums, historical landmarks, a vibrant theatre and cultural scene, top restaurants, cosy pubs and the iconic black cab offer a glimpse of a rich heritage. While many of London's landmarks and tourist attractions are within walking distance of each other, if time is short jump on the Tube. It's impossible to be bored in London and when the feet protest, catch a show at a West End theatre. And, in an expensive city there are numerous galleries, museums, churches and landmarks which are free to visit.


Famous for iconic English countryside, medieval manor houses, remarkable cathedrals and splendid castles, Kent is known as the garden of England. Canterbury and its majestic cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Listed site and the location of the martyrdom of St. Thomas Beckett. The cathedral was the destination of Chaucer's merry band of vagabonds and for those more earnest pilgrims on the road with John Bunyan. Enjoy a day at the beach, follow the English Coastal path, explore Dover's white cliffs or discover the secrets and splendour of Henry VIII's, Leeds Castle.

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