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Destinations of: Emilia Romagna, Italy

Ostello Stella Marina
Cesenatico is one of the most popular resort towns on the Riviera Romagnola. The ancient 'old town' is spread around an attractive harbour, and over the centuries Cesenatico grew from a fisherman's village to a fisherman's town, signalled today by the vast number of seafood restaurants and maritime accoutrements. The harbour and the streets by waterfront are particularly busy during the summer months and during this time the area is closed to motor traffic.
Location: 47042 Casenatico (FC)
Hotel Senior Cattolica
The tradition of offering hospitality dates back to Roman times, in Cattolica, as the town was a popular stop-over for wayfarers traveling along the Via Flaminia (200 BC), because of the the number of inns and taverns. The tradition has been passed on through the centuries and visitors to this pretty, seaside resort on the Adriatic Riviera, can be assured of a warm, hospitable welcome.
Location: Cattolica, Rimini RN 47841
Casa per Ferie Stella Maris
If sun, sea and sand appeal, consider the seaside village and resort town of Milano Marittima. The town is situated on the scenic Italian Riviera, next to the larger coastal town of Cervia. Ravenna, known as a city of art and culture lies to the north and the party town of Rimini is to the south.
Location: 48015 Milano Marittima RA

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