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Regina dei Monti
The Jesuits have been active in Bergamo since the year 1800 and from that time onwards have been involved in education, conducting spiritual retreats and Ignatian exercises and in hospitality, with a particular focus on disadvantaged youth. More recently, and with the help of a hardworking group of lay people, the priests have opened a newly renovated holiday house for tourists and visitors to Bergamo. Regina Dei Monti is located on the edge of the village, at the entrance to the cobblestoned main street.
Location: 24020 Schilpario BG
Casa Beata Annunciata
The picturesque and sleepy mountain village of Capo di Ponte is split by the River Oglio and surrounded by imposing mountains. A vast National Park entices nature lovers with wooded walking trails, pristine landscapes, ancient rock engravings (some 8000 years old) and an open-air museum. The village is part of the mountain community of the Valle Carmonica. The National Archaeological Park of Massi di Cemmo is also in the area. Capo di Ponte has much to interest the visitor, including ancient fountains, buildings and churches, religious artworks and a medieval monastery. The Dorothean Sisters of Cemmo run two separate guesthouses in Capo di Ponte. Both houses cater for groups (only) on a self-managed basis. Guests are encouraged to discover the beauty of their surroundings and enjoy a peaceful, fun and serene holiday. The sisters are available to assist guests at all times and all visitors are invited to join them in prayer and religious services.
Location: 25044 Capo di Ponte BS

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