Destinations of: New York, United States

Hephzibah House is a centre for Christian outreach and was once the headquarters of the Young Christian Women’s League. Hephzibah House now offers guest accommodation to all missionaries, church workers and volunteers and those involved in Christian ministries or similar organisations.
Location: New York, NY-10023
The House of the Redeemer is situated in the Upper East Side of New York City and is run by the Episcopal Church. Hospitality is offered to people of all faiths and nationalities. The building is a designated New York City Landmark of cultural, architectural and historical interest.
Location: New York, NY-10128 
Seafarers International House is a ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, which seeks to provide a harbor of hospitality to seafarers, sojourners, and travellers.
Location: New York, NY-10003
Leo House is a real gem in busy metropolitan New York and a home away from home in the heart of busy Manhattan. The centre is run by the Catholic Sisters of St Agnes and is situated in the suburb of Chelsea, in the Manhatten area.
Location: New York, NY-10011
The Landmark Guest Rooms are located in the Union Theological Seminary, a multi-denominational Christian seminary located on Broadway, near the campus of Columbia University, in the Upper Manhattan neighborhood
Location: New York, NY-10027

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