Destinations of: Liguria, Italy

Map of Monastero Santa Croce
Monastero Santa Croce
19030 Bocca di Magra

Located in Liguria at the southern end of the Cinque Terre, the Monastery of Santa Croce opens its doors to tourists during the summer months. At most other times the monastery operates as a house of monastic retreat for pilgrims.

Run by the Carmelitani Scalzi Fathers the monastery is located in a spectacular position on a small hill which leads down to a private beach. Many of the guestrooms have magnificent water views and most have modern ensuite facilities.

All meals as well as a take away picnic lunches are available. However, a vehicle may be needed to access the monastery, which is situated 10 km from Stazione Luni, the nearest railway station on the Genoa-Rome line.

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