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Fr Michael Kelly SJ
Fr Kelly Says
 We are positioning Good Night & God Bless as the pre-eminent online destination for monastery accommodation for pilgrims and tourists. It is an invaluable online guide for travelers who want to stray off the well-trodden tourist path. It is also ideal for modern-day pilgrims and budget travelers who seek unique experiences in the convents and monasteries around the world. 
Fr Michael Kelly SJ
Michael Kelly grew up in Sydney, Australia, and joined the Jesuits there in 1971 and was ordained a priest in 1984. Besides the usual work of a priest in pastoral ministry, he has worked in media for over 30 years.

Fr Kelly founded the Jesuits’ communication ministry in Australia, Jesuit Publications in 1989, created an organization that facilitated the Church’s movement into the digital age – Church Resources in 1998. Since 2008, he has led the Catholic Church’s news, media and commentary service in Asia,

He has traveled widely in Europe and Asia in connection with his work and has frequently stayed at some of the monasteries, retreat houses and convents that appear in Good Night & God Bless. He has also recommended to friends that they stay at these facilities.

Fr Kelly experienced that throughout Europe and rest of the world, convents, monasteries and retreat houses offered clean, safe and inexpensive accommodation facilities for travelers. And he discussed it with family friend Trish Clark who has been an avid traveler, staying in monasteries and convents across Europe.

Fr Kelly helped Trish with the publication of her travel books telling the world of the hospitality available worldwide and he envisioned the development of this travel booking platform that also lists top religious hideouts across Europe and other countries.
Trish Clark
Trish Says
 My first encounter with convent accommodation turned me into a lifelong devotee, starting with the central location, clean, airy room, comfortable bed, and the old-world ambiance of a former palace. Each day, I awoke to the distant music of nuns singing morning Mass. At breakfast, eager young novices served fresh, crusty bread rolls, homemade jam, and generous jugs of delicious café latte and, though they spoke little English, cheerfully directed me to the best (and often most affordable) cafés, bars, and shops in the area. Today, more than 30 years later, the Casa Nostra Signora di Lourdes has added en suite bathrooms to most of the guest rooms and a tiny two-person elevator for guests who wish to avoid climbing the grand marble staircase. The hospitality, morning song, and coffee remain divine. 
Trish Clark
Trish Clark was educated in Toowoomba, Queensland by Ursuline nuns. In her teenage years she developed a thirst for travel and adventure. When she was 20, Trish backpacked around Europe and, quite by accident, spent a week in a convent guest house, by the Spanish Steps in Rome.

The youth hostel in Rome where Trish planned to stay was fully booked and a kindly manager called the nuns in the convent up the road and secured her a bed for the night.

Having been taught by nuns and only left school a short time ago, Trish was most unhappy at having to spend even one night of her overseas adventure in a convent. Having no choice (and very little money) she trudged up the hill to her waiting ‘cell’ on the via Sistina.

Expecting rigid rules and compulsory prayer times and desperately trying to remember the words to the Grace Before Meals, she finally tapped on the sturdy, wooden front door. It sprung open, she stepped inside and soon found that you don't have to be a nun to sleep like one in Rome!

Upon her return to Australia, Trish embarked on a career in the travel industry and for many years ran a successful travel marketing business. But the warm welcome she experienced in the convent stayed with her. Trish developed an enduring interest in these unique, not-so-well-known places of accommodation. She embarked on years of dedicated research before publishing the first of the Good Night and God Bless series of guidebooks. Trish lives in Sydney with her husband and five adult children, and continues to appease her severe case of wanderlust.

Antonio Luciano
Antonio Luciano Says
 I have stayed in some of these monasteries and religious guest houses in several countries, and I have always found them to be great places to stay and relax. They are clean and inexpensive. And some of them offer great food too. And you feel you are at home staying in monastery accommodation. 
Antonio Luciano
Antonio Luciano, affectionately known as Tony, has had a lifetime in communications, mostly in video and TV production. He has worked in Australia and also for many decades in Italy. He has produced a variety series on Italians in Australia that was telecast for more than a decade on Australian TV, hundreds of lifestyle programs for TV networks across the world and dozens of programs for Italian TV.

In the course of his work in Italy, Spain, France, Portugal as well as the Americas – North and South –Tony became very familiar with the range of accommodation options provided by monasteries, convents and retreat houses. So, he published a directory in English of such establishments in Italy.

Tony has also immense experience in the travel industry. His father developed a travel agency in the 1950s especially for Italians travelling back to Italy from Australia.

Tony brings in extensive communications, travel and promotional experience to all the developments at Good Night and God Bless.
Post Scriptum
Insider advice: Make sure you book your rooms in advance. Religious guest houses are enjoying increasing popularity!

Monastery accommodation for tourists and pilgrims.
An invaluable online booking platform for modern-day travelers, pilgrims and groups and a guide to alternative accommodation in convents, monasteries, abbeys, religious guest houses, retreat centres and Christian hotels around the world.

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