Terms and Conditions

Good Night and God Bless (GNGB) offers a service both to travelers and to religious houses offering accommodation to the general public.

All bookings are made with and all payments are made to the residence chosen by the traveler. As such, GNGB handles no money or transactions. Nor does it make and confirm bookings.

That is all handled by the residences that receive instant notification of the booking and will confirm availability with the traveler making the booking.

As a consequence, GNGB cannot accept responsibility for payments or refunds and cannot accept cancellations because both are handled by the residence.

When registering with GNGB, travelers will need to provide some personal details to make a booking such as names and email addresses.

GNGB unconditionally guarantees that this personal data will remain confidential and never be divulged to any third party for any use at all.

Every care has been taken to provide accurate information. But the availability and style of accommodation, opening times, prices, and other details may have changed by the time you travel. Travelers need to confirm them for themselves.

GNGB is not tailored to meet your safety and health needs. You should consult your own doctor about your travel plans. GNGB recommends travelers buy comprehensive travel insurance to cover any planned sporting and adventure activities, and the insurance should address any preexisting health conditions.

Europe’s political changes could affect travel Visas, border controls and fees might be revised. GNGB recommends travelers check government updates before departing.

GNGB does not offer advice about outdoor pursuits such as hiking, skiing, cycling, or camping. Supervised and guided activities are recommended—travel agents and sites like Tripadvisor can help in the choice of a reputable operator.

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