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Good Night And God Bless, GERMANY
Good Night and God Bless, GERMANY offers a quirky alternative to Europe's pricey hotels. Austere monks’ cells have surrendered to more material comforts and these days German monasteries often have busy restaurants or cafés and a monastery shop attached to the premises, with the residents lending a helping hand as part of their ministry.
Good Night And God Bless, AUSTRIA
Good Night and God Bless, AUSTRIA delves into places of physical refuge as well as spiritual. A country of lavish, natural beauty, Austria must be one of God's special places as many of the nation's ancient monasteries and abbeys are set against such stunning backdrops that it is difficult to deny a 'divine touch'.
Good Night And God Bless, FRANCE
Good Night and God Bless, FRANCE is a guide to the convent, monastery and religious accommodation in France. Regardless of war, plague and revolution, Christianity has survived in France, with the country's ancient churches, abbeys and monasteries standing as reminders of an enduring Christian heritage. Explore the wonders of France from the base of an inexpensive, hospitable religious guest house.
Guide To The Camino: St-Jean To Santiago De Compostela
Put the boots by the door and mentally pack the backpack. A day-by-day proposition, walking the pilgrim trail across the top of Spain is not for the faint-hearted; but you don't need to make it too tough on yourself either. Guide to the Camino is full of everything you need to know to undertake this challenging and breathtaking route your way - no matter what your age. With plenty of tips for finding a few creature comforts along the way, this easy-to-use guide is the perfect traveling companion for those planning to walk the Camino and enlightening armchair reading for those contemplating it.
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Monastery accommodation for tourists and pilgrims.
An invaluable online booking platform for modern-day travelers, pilgrims and groups and a guide to alternative accommodation in convents, monasteries, abbeys, religious guest houses, retreat centres and Christian hotels around the world.

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